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Are you planning to change your home tiles? With the availability of numerous tiles in the market, it is now possible for you to select the best quality of tiles as per your preferences and requirements. An incredible range of wall and floor tiles is available at our tiles store in Oakdale. At our tile store, we offer tiles in numerous shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. You can select the perfect matches for both your home and office. If you want to refurbish your property or decorate it in a new way, you can do so at affordable rates and don’t have to worry about the quality of tiles. We make no compromise with quality and believe in providing the best and durable products.

We are renowned and the most trusted tile outlet in Oakdale and serving people with loyalty for over 20 years. 

You demand and we will deliver

Our tiles store in Oakdale has plenty of exclusive designs that are fit to go well with the look of your house. We have our tiling and designing experts ready to assist you any time to tell you about the perfect colour combinations. You can select the best designs within your budget. We ensure that our products speak volumes about your style quotient and help in maintaining the décor of your house.

Perfect Tile Installation Services

  • Once you decide to use tiles for the decoration of your house, the first step you need to take is to contact us and select the best tiles for flooring.
  • We have highly skilled and qualified professionals that possess many years of experience in this field and know about the technicalities of the installation process.
  • Our tile installers measure the area that requires renovation and decides the number of products that will be used. Once you get the quote, the process of installation can be initiated.
  • At Grand Bathrooms, we have licensed installers that will start the process of tiling and will complete the project within due time. Your home will get the perfect finish and a great look once the work is done.

Application of high-quality products

We never compromise on the quality of products and have trusted sources of manufacturers. We believe in providing durable and functional products to our clients and have formed a good reputation in the market through our hard work and efforts. Moreover, we try to have a one-to-one interaction with our customers and pay attention to even the minutest of the details to understand their requirements completely. At our tiles store in Oakdale, we have products which match Australian standards. 

Underfloor heating

Being available at affordable rates, the tiles also offer another benefit of underfloor heating. The tiles are known for their good conduction of heat. Due to their quality to get cold easily, they can help in facilitating underfloor heating. Made with the finest quality materials, our tiles are good to be used at both residential and commercial places.

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  • We provide the best quality tiles at reasonable prices and help you add more aesthetics to your home.
  • Customer satisfaction and convenience is a primary matter of concern for us. 
  • Our tiles are fit for high-traffic areas. They can be customized according to your requirements within your budget.
  • Grand Bathrooms offer a perfect and smooth finish to your project and ensure full customer satisfaction.

Visit our tiles shop in Oakdale today and check out all designer tiles available in different styles and patterns just to give your home a luxury look.

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