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Your home is the reflection of your personality. Choosing the tiles will reflect your personality and will depict what kind of taste you have. Grand Bathrooms have unique designs and patterns of tiles in our tile Store in Narellan. There is everything you choose, whether the colours, shapes, and textures of tiles. We are in this industry for more than 20 years and are serving our clients with trust and delivering accurate results. 

It is necessary to ensure that you understand more about tile stores in Narellan so that you are neither wasting your time nor getting duped in the process of making your purchase. 

Why Buy Our Tiles?


We sell different types of tiles at our store. These tiles are extremely resilient when it comes to staining and wear. Tiles can be a perfect choice for placement in high traffic areas. 

Easy to maintain

The tiles available at our store are durable. Our tiles don’t need much in the way of upkeep. They can be cleaned, just like any other surface in your home that gets dirty over a period of time.


Grand Bathrooms offer high-quality tiles at affordable prices. They are one of the cheapest flooring surfaces available in Narellan.

Air Quality

Tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures, making it so they contain no volatile organic compounds. Some other forms of flooring (like vinyl and carpet) have low VOC output, but none can stand toe to toe with tiles.


The tiles we sell at our tile store in Narellan are eco-friendly because they are made out of raw materials like glass, sand and clay and can be combined with other recycled materials to form ceramic tiles. They can reduce your heating bills by keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter by serving as a form of insulation.


Tiles we sell have a glazed protective layer on their surface that makes them impervious to water damage and stain penetration. This is why tiles are so often used for floor bathrooms. They’re also naturally resistant to humidity, making them ideal for flooring an area that is very hot or moist.

Guide to buying tiles:

  • Buy locally. If you really do not know much about prices and would rather like to stay safe, the best option is to buy locally.
  • Shipping tiles from out of state can lead to a number of problems including mismatched colours, breakage, wrong number of tiles, and so on. However, when you buy locally, your choices are severely limited.
  • Buy from a reliable store: Tile stores are a dime a dozen. But The best way to get the finest deal is to shop with a reliable tile store in Narellan that has been in the tile business for a number of years. 
  • An established tile store has a list of regular clients. They also strive to get repeated orders from existing customers while winning referrals from customers. Thus, they make it a point to sell high-quality tiles at the right prices.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while deciding which tiles to choose your flooring needs:

  • Decide on colour options

Have you decided on any specific colour for your floors? You need to take your room’s colour scheme into account while deciding the colour of the tile. For example – what are the colour of the walls and the ceilings? What about the furniture? Do you want to use accessories to enhance the look and feel? You need to decide about all these things before choosing any specific colour for your floor tile.

  • What type of tiles to choose from?

A wide variety of tiles is available in the market including ceramic, marble, and porcelain tiles. Decide on which one to choose and which one will solve your purpose.

  • Various styles and patterns 

There are various styles of tiles including plain and patterned styles available at tiles stores in Narellan. Many people go for the patterned look as they want to bring vibrancy to their spaces.

There are more things to consider when you are shortlisting tiles. Our team can help you to choose the best tiles according to your requirements. You should invest time to find the right flooring option for your home.

You can visit our tile store in Narellan or log on to our official website to reach us. We will help in the best possible way to design your dream home. Contact us today and give your home a complete luxury look.

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