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Tiles are mostly well-rated essential for building and refurbishing homes. You can use tiles for the floor covering, wall covering and roof tops. Yes, definitely there are different types of tiles as per utility. For floor-coverings tiles are usually made off ceramic and glass, and they are well-polished for glaze and smoother look. The same tiles are used for wallcoverings. Generally, rooftop-coverings are used to prevent heat or rain, so the tiles are unpolished and made from clay, slate, plastic, glass etc. Ceiling-covering tiles are most creative and lightweight as they are used for aesthetic purposes.

Grand Bathrooms is a well-known brand when it comes to selling branded and the best tiles in Moss Vale. At our tile store in Moss Vale, we offer every type of tile for different purposes. You will get everything under one roof once you visit our tile store. We are in this industry for over 2 decades and fulfilling every home dream with trust and loyalty. 

Different types of tiles we sell at our store in Moss Vale

  • Porcelain tiles- It is one of the most demanded tiles. Due to low absorption rate of water the tiles are used in both walls and floors. Both glazed(polished) and unglazed(unpolished) porcelain tiles are used at both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Ceramic tiles- Ceramic tiles are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. But it also possesses the quality to be used in any room.

Grand Bathrooms are supplying tiles with a reputation. We offer a wide range of tiles to suit our customer’s taste. We take care of not only our customer’s taste but their budget too.

Why buy from Grand Bathrooms?

  • No compromise with the quality- We provide supreme quality of tiles at our store in Moss Vale. The finishing and polishing are ensured by our team of experts. For the best contemporary look, we set tiles for you. To check the best quality tiles please visit Grand Bathrooms in Moss Vale
  • Lowest price range- Being for a long time in the industry we offer good quality products at an unbeatable cost. The affordable products made our reputation strong in this industry.
  • Exclusive range of products- At our tile store in Moss Vale you will find a huge array of tile to suit every customer’s needs and requirements. For different kinds of clients, style and choice differ. Our professionals ensure the presence of variety. We have all kinds of tiles to enhance external and internal beauty.
  • Efficient team for tile installers-The beautiful tiles need the best experts to get installed. The perfect tile placement shows the exact look and aristocracy. We have our expert tiling team ready for you who will perfectly set the tiles for you.
  • Insured and Licenced- Grand bathroom is one of the rarest companies which is fully licensed and insured for the work we undertake.

At our store in Moss Vale, we not only deal in tiles but also offer a wide range of accessories like sinks, basins, toilets, showers, laundry, mirrors etc. We also have our team for tiling, plumbing, and refurbishing bathrooms.

Contact us today by checking our working hours. Contact details- For any kind of service and information feel free to call, Ph no.- (02)4625-3200, or mail us on

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