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Advantages of how tiles renovation can change the look of your home

Are you looking to renovate your home to sell the property at the best value later? The utility of tiles is endless; it can easily amp up your home and make you and guests feel luxurious. There are different types of tiles for different spaces, such as stone tiles for patios, outdoors, and campfire space, whereas ceramic and porcelain tiles are more suitable for indoor purposes. At Grand Bathrooms, we have every type of tile suiting your budget level.

Tiling is the best way to transform the space of the bathroom, kitchen, or any other area of your home. Grand Bathrooms will be your final destination with over 20 years of expertise in the industry. Our tiles store in Mittagong offers the best and finest quality tiles at a wholesale price to the customers. We have the largest collection of tiles of various types, styles, patterns, and materials in our store. Our team selects the products hand-picked from local to international brands which allow us to deliver only top-notch quality tiles to our every client.

How can tiles renovation transform your space?

The beauty of the house depends on the quality of the walls and floor. While there are many reasons behind this, here are the prime reasons why your home needs a tiling service.

Update appearances:

Tiling is the most effective way to update your decade’s old property into either a modern or classic one. The aesthetics of the right type of tiles will create a welcoming appearance in your space. A beautifully tiled interior will instantly give more strength to your home. 

Enhanced functionality:

Renovating your space with tiles can also give more functionality to the area. We recommend using waterproof tiles on the bathroom and kitchen walls. Choosing light and neutral-coloured tiles will help the entire space brighten up and feel more spacious. The expert team from our tiles store in Mittagong will aid you in determining the perfect tile for your home and also within your budget.

Easy Maintenance:

Tiles are simply easy to clean and maintain. Installing tiles in your kitchen and bathroom walls will make the monthly deep cleaning days easier. Even the maintenance after tile installation is simpler with professional’s work.


Renovations with tiles are the best way to get a complete makeover at a much affordable price at the same time cost-effective. The inner brickwork is protected with high-quality tiles. The tile renovation makes the entire home much durable. Talk to the professionals at our tile store in Mittagong. They will assist you with the best and budgeted tiles for your space.

Enhanced property value:

Since the tiling work gives a luxurious look and feels to your home, clients will be further interested to buy or rent your property. It considerably expands the lifespan of your home and improves the overall resale value as well.

Some types of tiles we sell at our stile store

  • Matt finished decorative tiles
  • Glazed porcelain with a gloss finish
  • Glazed porcelain with a cushioned edge
  • Blake limestone tiles- ledge stone cladding
  • Golden, yellow-stacked stone cladding
  • Tiger slate- stacked stone cladding

Every type of tile is accessible in customised shape, size, and material. Our professional team from Grand Bathrooms will guide you through details in the process of tile installation. Visit our tile store in Mittagong to create an exquisite space in your old home. Contact us today!

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