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Tiles are an integral part of the premise. They not only amplify its appearance but also enhance its overall beauty as well. Tiles act as an additional protective layer and give a classy look to your home. Grand Bathrooms is one of the leading tile stores in Menangle. We bring to you an array of durable, stylish, and trendy tiles that can easily blend with the décor of your house and add more grandeur to it. Grand Bathrooms are known for their sumptuous variety of designer products that are exceptional in quality and meet all the Australian Standards.

At Grand Bathrooms, our team of experts at our tile store goes an extra mile to understand the exact requirement of our clients.  After which, they provide the best suitable solutions that meet client’s exact needs.

Here are some points to remember while buying tiles and floorings.

  • Types of tiles: There are several types of tiles such as mosaic tiles, marble tiles, ceramic tiles, decorative tiles, terracotta tiles, porcelain tiles and much more. Each tile has a different characteristic and feature. Some are anti-slippery, some are moisture-resistant, some have great grip etc. It is essential to understand the unique features of each tile and opt for the one that augments the look of your premise and suffices all your requisites.
  • Location of tiles: Tiles give a different look to a space. It changes the entire ambience of the space. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tiles for the right room. For example, if it is a living room it is recommended to opt for large decorative tiles, wooden look tiles. But if it is a bathroom go for anti-skid, slip-resistant ceramic tiles. And for the kitchen, go for scratch-resistant and durable tiles. 

Grand Bathrooms have a wide collection of kitchens, living room, bathroom, as well as outdoor areas. Our tiles are an ideal fit for a modern designer urban home as well as conventionally classic home. Connect with our designers to have better placement of tiles at your space. 

  • Foot Traffic: While opting for tiles give utmost emphasis on the usage and foot traffic. Opting for tiles that are dainty and delicate on a heavy foot traffic area such as a living room or an outdoor deck is risky. As it can cost you recurring maintenance and repair work. Understand the foot traffic, the properties of the tiles and endurance of each tile before making a purchase decision.
  • Design and texture: Choose contemporary and evergreen tiles for living area and kitchen. Avoid small patterns and small size tiles for the living room. Instead, go for larger tiles in the kitchen as well as the living room that gives a spacious, clean, and modular feel to your space. Grand Bathrooms is one of the best tile stores in Menangle and are popular for our handpicked collection and designer tiles.
  • Colours and styles: Colour of tiles plays a very prominent role in setting the mood of a premise. One must select subtle yet unique colours that thoroughly complements the interior of a room and elevates its beauty. You can opt for monochromes, beige colours, motifs, and antique style for the living room. Whereas for the kitchen, you can go for plain coloured or white scratch-proof easy to maintain tiles. Visit our tile store in Menangle and look for the amazing styles and patterns of tiles. 

Grand Bathrooms offers a cohesive variety of tiles under one roof. We have the largest range of exquisite tiles that are exceptional in quality and appearance. Now give the designer look to your house and flaunt your style quotient with the handpicked tiles from Grand Bathrooms- the finest tile store in Menangle.

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