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Looking for an affordable mode of remodelling or refurbishing your home or office? Then shopping and going for tiles is your answer. Tiles are an excellent way to transform your ordinary space into something luxurious and beautiful. Coming in various sizes, shapes and designs, tiles are ideal to blend in and match with any theme. Drop by our tile store in Liverpool to have a detailed look. 

Grand Bathrooms with over two decades of experience and a fleet of professionals at your disposal will cater to your demands. Your vision and requirements are our top priorities. Our team is well versed with modern designs and will guide you to get perfect tiles that will live up to your expectations. 

Why opt for tiles?

Whether you want to construct a new place or want to redo an existing one, tiles will prove to be handy in both scenarios. 

  • Put on your thinking caps, as there are many designs and patterns to choose from. Convert your space into anything you wish for. In Liverpool, visit our tile store to make happen your wish a reality. 
  • Tiles offer easy maintenance. 
  • It gives value for money services. Tiles once installed are durable and will give you the same vibe even after years. 
  • Tiles can be easily installed both outdoor and indoor. So, not only your bathroom, kitchen and living room but the outside walls can also be renovated under an affordable price. 

Choose the correct tile

Tiling although sounds easy, is a tricky affair. With thousands of designs and materials to choose from, getting the correct tiles can be tenuous. But with Grand Bathrooms all your hassle will be at rest. Loads of stock at our tile store in Liverpool and a perfect team that will walk you through the nitty-gritty of tile selection, we have made a name in the community. 

Functionality: Every room serves different purposes and hence the décor and the usage are also different. You need to choose tiles according to the room type. 

  • Shape and size

Based on the room, you need to go for such a size and colour of the tile that it enhances the space and livens up the room. 

  • Colour play

Starting from scratch gives you ample options. But for renovating too, opting tiles can play wonders. Tiles coming in numerous options seamlessly blends in with the theme or décor. 

Dazzle with a variety of tiles

At Grand Bathrooms, get hold of the finest quality tiles at exceptional prices. From outdoor tiles to indoor ones to having tiles of different materials to serve all kinds of purposes. We stock in everything at our tile store in Liverpool

  • Bathroom tiles

We offer some of the best waterproof and slip-resistant tiles to our clients. Choose from an array of designs and colours to brighten up space. 

  • Kitchen tiles

Along with providing splashbacks, we also offer a range of tiles for both the kitchen floor and walls. Also, our range of kitchen tops is beyond any comparison. 

  • Outdoor tiles

Renovate the exterior with our range of travertine, or stone finished tiles. Being durable and low maintenance, these are bound to rejuvenate the exterior of the house. 

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Tiles being reasonable and stylish is a hot favourite among the community. Having a tile store which is pouring in with latest designs and along with a well-trained and experienced team, Grand Bathrooms has become the talking point in Liverpool. Employ us and see your vision become a reality. Contact us or drop by our store to give us the privilege of serving you. 

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