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The exquisite collection of designer tiles in Australia

Welcome to Grand Bathrooms, we are one of the finest tile stores in Glenfield. Tiles are an important part of the décor and interior of any premise. They add more depth, character, and luminance to space. It is crucial to select the right tiles to achieve the perfect appearance and improve the endurance of the premise too. Grand Bathrooms has the largest range of tiles which are thoughtfully curated for a multitude of applications.

At Grand Bathrooms, we strive to get the best and designer made tiles that are superior in appearance and have high endurance too. Our team of experts assists you throughout the tile selection process. We aid you to select the right tiles following its location and usage.

Hassle-free Installation

Grand Bathrooms is your one-stop destination for all of your tiling needs. Our team of expert installers makes sure tiles are installed seamlessly with utmost precision. We are comprehensive in ensuring tiles are perfectly and meticulously installed.

A Plethora of Tiling Options

Grand Bathrooms thoroughly comprehends how important tiles are and the role it plays in setting the overall ambience of a premise. Therefore, we procure the latest and contemporary tiles that are a perfect fusion of modernism and aesthetics. Our tiles are sure to merge with your existing décor and add more charm to it. So, whether you are looking for kitchen tiles, outdoor tiles, decorative tiles, or tiles for the living room. Grand Bathrooms can serve you some of the best and designer made tiles that are exclusive in every sense.

Expert Assistance

Grand Bathrooms does not just believe in supplying tiles from its designer tiles stores in Glenfield. It intends to establish a strong connection with its customers and be part of their renovation, makeover, or new home journey. We provide complete assistance throughout the process. Our team of expert renovators, designers, interior decorators, and builders are always accessible and available to provide you with the best suggestions and ideas.

A Sumptuous Variety of Tiles

Grand Bathrooms offers you an extensive range of selected tiles available in different styles, patterns, colours, and finish options. We have anti-slip tiles, matt finish tiles, glossy tiles, abstract print tiles, motif tiles, texture tiles and much more.

Functionality to Its Best

One of the basic and most important functions of any tile is to act as a moisture barrier and serve as a protective layer. At Grand Bathrooms, we make sure our tiles are robust and sturdy. Our tiles are capable of handling all the daily wear and tear without asking for recurring maintenance. Our tiles are a perfect combination of durability and elegance. They are handpicked by the experts to add more grandeur and extravagance to your premise.

Stylish, Trendy and Cutting-edge

Grand Bathrooms is one of the leading tile stores in Glenfield. We have set a high benchmark in the industry with our bespoke products and superior customer service. Our products are exquisite and are sure to set the trend in the market. Our team of professionals continually strive to stay updated with the happenings in the industry and introduce renovation supplies that are distinctive, classic, and trendsetting.

Now, augment the overall look and feel of your space with some of the designer tiles from the finest tile stores in Glenfield. Visit now!