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Are you not able to find the best tiles? We understand that finding the right type of tiles for home and office is a crucial part of the construction. It may not seem as important as other furnishing or redecorating. But they easily occupy most of the space and are the first thing to be noticed in a room. Tiles can easily change the entire vibe of the home. They can either brighten up your space or make it gloomy; we should tile according to the purpose of that particular space.

Though it is difficult to choose the right type and style of tiles, it is an appropriate way to renovate any space. Grand Bathrooms stand a reputation for 20 years of experience in the tiling and renovation industry. Our company has the largest variety of tile collection in the house for both internal and external renovations. Look in on our tile store in Camden to find a type of tile for your home or office. We assure you will be amazed by the designer tiles available at our store in Camden.

Expert’s guidance:

It is essential to consider every aspect of choosing the right type of tile. There are different kinds of tiles that are suitable for particular places. A certain type of tile is not applicable for every outdoor setting and hence, we should choose the tile as per the best application. Our experts at the tile stores in Camden will guide you through the entire process of tiling from selecting the precise type, size, and colour of tiles based on your requirements.

Premium quality:

Grand Bathrooms offer only the best quality of tiles available in the industry. We select every type and style of tile hand-picked from local to international to ensure our clients receive premium quality products at an affordable price. We manufacture our tiles as per Australian standards which are also accredited by the local authorities. 

Functionality and purpose:

We should choose tiles of every space according to the functionality of the space. Bathrooms need waterproof tiles and stone style tiles for outdoors and fireplace. We also offer wall tiles just like the floor you can furnish and decorate seamlessly. You will get every type of tile only at our tile store in Camden.

One-stop customer satisfaction:

Grand Bathrooms focus on end-to-end product supply. It is the one-stop destination for all your tiling needs. Our team keeps track of all the trends and stock up on all styles of tiles in the house. Our tile store in Camden offers tiling for kitchen, bathroom, office and living space. Now, you can renovate your space without having to visit different stores for the right tile.

We believe in 100% client satisfaction; all your requirements and queries will be completely explained by our experienced builders. Whether a modern tile renovation or traditional tile renovation or even if you choose quirky tiles option, Grand bathroom’s tile store will produce the picture alive.

Types of tiles we offer:

  • Stone tiles
  • Decorative tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Glazed porcelain
  • Ceramic tiles

There is a wide range of designs and types in each category to choose from for your renovation. The tiles can be of any shape and size, and a variety of shades are available.

We publish a portfolio of every type of renovations and tiles on our website. Visit the Grand Bathrooms website and contact us to get your magnificent and pleasing tile makeover. Call us today and visit us to give your home a perfect look.

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