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Grand Bathrooms has been the leading company sourcing in top-class tiles from around the world. Our store in Appin is like a wonderland for tiles. From travertine tiles to mosaic ones to the all-time classic granite, we have it all stocked up. No matter what the quantity of the order is, we will deliver it on time. 

Tiles add aesthetic value to your house and also promotes a luxurious grandeur at cheap rates. And because of its varied use, from indoors to outdoors and being so affordable, it can be used to achieve a budget-friendly renovation. 

Things to remember while choosing tiles

To achieve the grandeur and pomp it is essential to choose the correct tiles. Grand Bathrooms have experts in house who will guide to get the perfect match. 

  • Functionality

It all comes down to your purpose. Each room or region has unique purposes that the tiles should match. Thus, for a bathroom, you should go for water-resistant tiles while for the patios go for a more stone finished one. In Appin, we stock up greatly at our tiles store, where our efficient team is present to guide you through. 

  • Colour Coordination

Colour plays a crucial role to decide the overall look of the room. Choose tiles that are in sync with the other colours in the room and also a colour that brightens up space. Reach out to our team to get a seamless tiling done. 

What do we offer?

Being amongst the leading companies in Appin, we offer you a wide array of options to choose from. No matter what the theme or colour scheme is, be sure to get it at our tile store. Avail the best and most affordable services from around the world at Grand Bathrooms. 

  • Bathroom tiles

Many other companies avoid safety aspects while adding aesthetic elements to the tiles. But not with Grand Bathrooms. We examine every small detail thoroughly. All of our bathroom tiles are anti-slippery and water-resistant along with it being classy and chic. Employ us and never compromise with the safety of you and your family ever again. 

  • Kitchen tiles

We cater to all the tiling needs of the community. Not only tiles for bathrooms but we stock up the kitchen floor and wall tiles. Get hold of the finest quality kitchen tiles that will seamlessly blend in with the colour profile and the décor. 

  • Outdoor tiles

Well, the outdoors matters too. The driveways, patios or even the walls can be tiled to get a flawless finish. Make sure the guests on entering get awestruck by the finesse of the exterior. Going for a stone finished or cement tiles, be sure to get it at our tile store in Appin.

Why choose us?

  • We offer the highest quality tiles at cheap and affordable rates.
  • There are no hidden charges. 
  • We always deliver on time.
  • Grand Bathrooms are always at your service. 

Contact us immediately and let us give you the best tiling solutions. 

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