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With the advancement in lifestyle, there is a constant need to look up to the updated versions of properties and what are the major investment areas. The bathrooms and kitchens need to be focused upon to a great extent as these are the most frequently used spaces in a home. You need remodelling if these areas begin to wear down or start losing their functionality. Bathroom renovation helps in achieving a better and pretty look for your house and gives a pleasant feeling to whoever enters the bathroom. 

Grand Bathrooms provides the best bathroom renovations and supplies in Picton at affordable rates along with quality products. We make no compromise with quality and hold more than 20 years of experience in this field. We are well aware of the expectations and requirements of the majority of the clients and are always up for undertaking new projects as well.

Increased level of safety

It is not always the outdated look that demands bathroom renovation but also the wear and tear of the space. Sometimes the tiles of your bathroom floors and walls may be damaged or cracked and that could cause serious accidents or discomfort to some elderly or children in the house. They may have become slippery over time that increases the risks of falling. Apart from this, there could be certain leakage issues that can make the appearance of bathroom walls damp and can enhance the risks of damage if there is some electric cable running around.

Our team of qualified builders is ready to assist you with these additional issues and excels in providing the best and latest bathroom supplies that ensure the safety and comfort of the customers. We make sure that your bathroom is renovated in a way that it is free of any kind of dangers or malfunctioning.

Storage space

As the number of members increases in the family, the need for additional bathroom supplies increases as well. With the changing and different lifestyles, everyone needs separate products for themselves. Therefore, your bathroom needs more space to accommodate all the products. Our bathroom renovation services create more space creatively and provide an elegant look to your bathroom.

Our specialists listen to your every requirement and are always ready to advise you for selecting the best possible designs, patterns, and colour combinations to help attain a modern and sophisticated look for your bathroom.

Protection to bathroom surfaces

The walls and floors of the bathroom are subject to humidity and moisture that can give them an ugly look and even make them weak in their foundation. With the help of our bathroom renovation services and durable bathroom supplies, we provide an additional layer to the surfaces that helps in preventing moisture to penetrate the walls. Our large collection of stain-resistant and eco-friendly tiles helps in making your bathroom an advanced one. 

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