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The bathroom is not only the most essential part of our home, but it is also necessary for hygiene and relaxation purposes. The most private and relaxing chamber should be comfortable and eye-soothing as well. Shabbiness and stink made from repeated use are not very convenient for use. The bathroom accessories may lose their functionality and possibly be worn-out. Now a bathroom and its clarity always show the master’s personality and choice. There is nothing like refurbishing the entire space and renovating a new look. 

When it comes to buying bathroom supplies, Grand Bathrooms is the industry leader for the past 20 years. We are a well-known brand associated with top-notch quality bathroom renovations in Oakdale.

Why associate with Grand Bathrooms?

  • WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: Grand Bathrooms offers the customer the complete and versatile range of bathroom supplies in Oakdale. Renovation of your bathroom is completely our responsibility which our professionals do with complete passion and eyes of aesthetics. Throughout the bathroom renovation process, we select the supplies which combine both the usefulness and aesthetics. You need not visit the renovation area time and again to check the progress. It’ll be our management to match all the essentials to give a contemporary look. Please take a visit to our office in Oakdale to get the complete information which you need for your bathroom renovation.
  • Designer Bathroom Supplies: The expert team of Grand Bathroom picks the designer bathroom products by noticing every inch of perfection from the finest manufacturing companies. We pick the items to talk about your style sense. 
  • Unbeatable Price for Top-notch Products: Grand Bathrooms, being a leader in the renovation industry for more than two decades has not only a wide range in stock but in its range of price too. Contemporaries can’t beat it from any aspect. We have earned goodwill and reputation in the market through our hard work, innovation, transparency, and affordable charges. As per industry standards, we offer our customers the quality bathroom supplies at a reasonable price.
  • Quality: Our bathroom renovator and designers never compromise with the quality of service. We at Grand Bathrooms also assure the top-notch quality of our bathroom supplies. It’s necessary to take the high-graded accessories for the bathroom as it is used frequently and roughly. Our Bathroom renovation specialists in Oakdale make sure that our products meet all the quality barometers and suit Australian standards.
  • Licensed:  Grand Bathrooms are fully licensed brands for supplying and renovating bathrooms. For plumbing, waterproofing, floor and wall tiling and others we have a team of experts. 


We have a wide range of products for your kitchen, bathroom to the toilet:

  • Sinks, 
  • Basins, 
  • Bathroom showers, 
  • Tallboys, 
  • Bathroom mirrors,
  • Designer Tiles
  • Vanities
  • Bath Spas
  • Toilets
  • Wastes
  • Laundry 

Grand Bathrooms hold a huge variety of bathroom supplies In Oakdale to give your bathroom a luxurious appearance. You are just a call away from availing the best and professional bathroom renovation services In Oakdale. For any kind of assistance feel free to contact us in Ph no. – (02) 4625-3200 or Email- We assure you quick turnaround time by our specialist team.  

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