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Customized Your Bathrooms with Grand Bathrooms

Get to transform the bathrooms at your place into something modern and classy. Bathrooms being personal, needs to fulfil every member’s requirement. It should be functional as well as stylishly attractive. Upscale and renovate your bathrooms in Mount Annan into space where you can relax and be comfortable all through the year. 

Whether you want to construct a new one or want to refurbish and renovate an old bathroom, Grand Bathrooms can help you get it done. With our warehouse flooding in with the best bathroom supplies in Mount Annan and a fleet of talented professionals at your disposal, we are sure to become your ideal partners. 

  • Always on time

We excel at delivering the project on schedule. Our customers can swear by us to have received top-class service completed on time. 

  • We offer the most competitive rates

Avail the best bathroom supplies at quite a cheap price. We offer the most comprehensive price in the market without hampering the quality of bathroom supplies. 

  • Get personalized services

We aim to cater to and fulfil all your expectations. Depending on the demands or the requirement of the space be sure to get only the best suggestions and services. 

Reach out to your dream bathroom

Transform your old bathroom to an astounding place. We at Grand Bathrooms excel at giving shape to your dream bathrooms. 

  • Wall and floor tiling

Whether you want to go for a more rustic vibe or a modern chic one, we are sure to deliver it. We stock some of the best bathroom supplies for the community in Mount Annan. From stone finished tiles and mosaic tiles to travertine tiles, we will deliver them all. 

  • Waterproofing 

Bathroom renovations are incomplete without proper waterproofing. Using modern technologies, we make sure that there are no leakages in plumbing or creeks or gaps along the tiling line. 

  • Cabinets and vanities

No matter the theme or colour scheme, Grand Bathrooms will excel at every bathroom renovation in Mount Annan. Our efficient team after a thorough location survey will fix you the perfect joineries and vanities that are space-efficient yet stylish. 

  • Walk-in showers and tubs

Looking to construct or remodel a shower or a tub? Well, you have reached the correct destination. We are the masters in creating the most extravagant and stylish showers and tubs in the community. With our well-fabricated glass walls and showerheads or the finest quality tubs, immerse yourself in a soothing sense whenever bathing. 

  • Electrical works

We offer 360-degree bathroom renovation in Mount Annan. We excel at providing seamless electric works that are safe and also energy efficient. Take us on board and we will guide you to get the perfect lighting for your bathroom. 

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From utilizing every inch of space to supplying the finest bathroom supplies in Mount Annan, contact us to avail only the best. Call us or drop by our store to get a free quotation for our services. 

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