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Cost Saving Things to Consider when Renovating your Bathroom

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Bathroom renovations can be a costly affair. Even mild remodelling can cost you an average of $8,000. This number is just a ballpark figure, there are other factors which increase the overall cost as well. One such factor is the time required to complete the bathroom renovation process. The renovation process includes installing bathroom supplies, flooring, tiling, and many other important things.

There are many ways you can stay within your budget. We at Grand Bathrooms, offer bathroom renovation services in Glen Alpine that require great planning which can be done effectively with the help of our skilled and experienced renovators and designers. It is quite possible to renovate your bathroom that you have dreamt of without costing you heavily. 

Here are a few pointers you can consider before starting bathroom renovations in Glen Alpine

  • Make and Stick to a Plan: Whether you are buying a new house or a car, you always pre-decide your budget. Similarly, when planning bathroom renovations know how much you are willing and will be able to spend. While renovating your bathroom, stick to an organized plan. Be honest and know what all your budget will allow you to do. Settle on a figure that will be lower than what you have planned to spend. Ensure that your contractor in Glen Alpine knows how serious you are about your budget and ask them to avoid any type of unexpected expenses. Try not to spend much on high-end bathroom supplies as it might take away much of your budget.
  • Try and leave the plumbing work alone: The most expensive work in bathroom refurbishments is to move the plumbing. Even if you have just decided to move the bathroom sink to the other side of the room, the cost of renovation can double due to plumbing orientations. The reason why plumbing changes are costly as it has to do a lot with things that happen behind the scenes. Many times, it is just guesswork what exactly will be needed unless the plumber works on the project closely. We at Grand Bathrooms offers the right plumbing services with bathroom renovations in Glen Alpine. We help you to get the right plumber at the most affordable price in the market.
  • No Custom Work: Customized bathroom renovations can be expensive. The most affordable option can be the standard sizing of the fixtures, tubs, or cabinets and other bathroom accessories. 
  • Shop Around: Just because you have hired a contractor, it does not mean that your work is over. Plan to shop for some big-ticket items yourself. There are many online stores in Glen Alpine to get beautiful and luxury bathroom supplies.
  • Be Flexible: Being flexible will help you to save money. Consider buying different types of materials as they can be affordable. The contractor you have hired might have leftovers or mistakenly ordered material that they might be willing to give you at a discounted rate.
  • Tiling can be a good option: Tiling altogether might cost you an arm during the bathroom renovation but installing tiles can be a long-term gain for you. Never consider skipping the tiling in favour of materials that can be easily alternative.
  • Avoiding structural changes: Structural changes can affect the final cost of the renovation project. If necessary, only be opened to change the design of the bathroom.
  • Be Open-Minded: It makes sense if you try to be more open-minded in regard to your storage options. This will help you save a little money. You can even opt to salvage or upcycle the vanity. 
  • Small changes that will make a big Impact: If you find yourself over budget, be logical, and plan to drop things that will help you to save money. 

Breathing some new health by renovating your bathroom is easy. There are endless possibilities that require extensive research. It is important to understand all the implications and get the best contractors for your bathroom renovations in Glen Alpine before you jump to get a specific project. Contact us today and get a quotation for your bathroom renovations. 

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