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Premium Bathroom Renovation in Appin

Are you in search of top-class bathroom renovation or supplies in Appin? Well, the professionals at Grand Bathrooms are at your service. We are among the leading companies in the community who are equipped to perform a world-class transformation of your bathrooms. From sourcing in the best products to complete the task on time, we are your ultimate partner for bathroom renovations. 

Bathrooms are personal spaces and so it must be designed according to personal needs. Our experts excel in understanding and take in consideration every small detail before progressing with the project. Creating or recreating a bathroom or wanting some bathroom supplies, you name it, and we will supply them. Grand Bathrooms is the one-stop-shop with solutions for every bathroom problem. 

What do we offer?

Whether you want to renovate or refurbish a section we are sure to take the hassle off your back. All of our workers are efficient and talented to complete every bathroom renovation task in Appin without any problem. 

  • Tiling and waterproofing

We have a load of stock at our showroom. All our tiles are of the finest quality and match the Australian standard of living. Get to choose from a range of traditional or mosaic tiles to modern contemporary ones that coincide with your dream bathroom. Our range of tiles can be used for both walls and flooring. 

  • Plumbing and electrical

Well, these two are the prime factors that determine the functionality of a bathroom. We lay out all the inlet and outlet pipes properly to make sure there is no water seeping out. Proper electrical work with correct lighting is essential to make the room lively and instil a sense of space. Our team suggests modern lighting and electrical solutions give you a modernized bathroom experience. 

  • Painting

Bathroom renovations remain incomplete without a proper paint job. Though it forms a subtle part of renovations yet painting truly binds the whole essence together, it helps to brighten up the room and turn on the mood. Our team will not only guide you to choose the correct shade but also complete the paint job seamlessly. 

  • Maximum utilisation of space

Grand Bathrooms also specializes in creating custom-designed joineries and vanities or other bathroom furniture. We conduct thorough research and then offer an ideal solution to our customers. From smart shelving options to providing state-of-the-art bathroom supplies, we are your one-stop destination for bathroom renovations in Appin.

Why choose us?

Our team does not murk around the bush. We promise and we deliver. Collecting your inspirations and integrating it with the designs is all that matters to us. We have thousands of loyal customers who can attest to have received the best bathroom supplies and renovations done in Appin

  • Experience

Over 20 years of experience helped us to become one of the leading names in the business.

  • Competitive pricing

Avail the best of both worlds with Grand Bathrooms. We supply high-quality products at quite a reasonable price. So, what are you waiting for? Step out and contact us to renovate your bathroom optimally with Grand Bathrooms in Appin

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